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2018 Aztec Identity Task Force Report Overwhelmingly Recommends Saving Aztec Warrior.


SDSU President Sally Roush formed the Aztec Identity Task Force (AITF) in response to the University Senate passing a non-binding resolution on Nov. 7, 2017 recommending SDSU retire the Aztec Warrior and related symbols. Senators also requested that SDSU President Sally Roush form a task force to review and make recommendations about the appropriateness of the continued usage of the moniker.

Survey Results

12,755 surveys were completed and respondents volunteered 6,128 comments. Results of the anonymous surveys helped inform the AITF’s recommendations.

Regarding the quantitative and qualitative findings, the AITF found that:

  • 88 percent of respondents stated a desire to retain the Aztec name.

  • 78 percent of respondents supported the retention of the Aztec Warrior.

The survey of faculty and staff found that 62 percent who responded are in favor of retaining the human representation of the Aztec Warrior, with comments that it should be done in a manner that demonstrates respect, pride and honor.

Statements from President Adela de la Torre

President-Designate Adela de la Torre, who joins SDSU in June 2018, fully accepts the decision of SDSU President Sally Roush. Her statement follows:

“I recognize and appreciate the deep reflection that each of the members of the 2018 Aztec Identity Task Force engaged in these past few months. I thank President Roush, the University Senate, and the task force for their leadership and for their respectful and widely consultative approach to this issue, and recognize the cultural sensitivity surrounding SDSU’s historical and continued use of the Aztec name.

I fully support the final decision and statement made by President Roush and look forward to working closely with on and off campus communities regarding the respectful treatment and historic accuracy of the Aztec identity and Aztec Warrior including the commitment to culturally appropriate education.”

- President-Designate Adela de la Torre


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