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Dear President de la Torre,

As a proud Aztec, I am deeply disappointed by your unilateral decision to eliminate the Aztec Warrior.  For more than two decades alumni, students, community, faculty and staff have been working together to ensure that the Aztec Warrior is culturally accurate and properly represents the university. 

Your decision is counter to the recent collaborative and transparent process that culminated with the Aztec Identity Task Force Report in 2018, in which you stated:

“I fully support the final decision and statement made by President Roush and look forward to working closely with on and off campus communities regarding the respectful treatment and historic accuracy of the Aztec identity and Aztec Warrior including the commitment to culturally appropriate education.”

Since this statement and your decision to eliminate the Aztec Warrior there has been limited input from the alumni and supporters of San Diego State University. This is incredibly disconcerting, as you have disregarded the efforts of so many that have been involved in the process and continue to support San Diego State University.

I strongly urge you to immediately reinstate the Aztec Warrior and return to engaging with alumni, students, faculty, staff and community leaders that support San Diego State University.



Aztec for Life

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